Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper Chrome, Gold, and Rose Gold Color.

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Gamma Plus Ergo, Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper Chrome, Gold, and Rose Gold Color. Made in Italy.


The first fully modular Ergo hair clipper includes Gold, Rose Gold, and Chrome body kits to create different custom modifications. Mounted to the Ergo is a transparent thumb rest to observe the faster and quieter motor in action. Designed to be perfectly balanced in your hand, the Ergo features a click cone for the most consistent results.

If you are looking for a hair clipper with an extraordinary futuristic look, the Gamma + Ergo is exactly what you need.

This excellent clipper also features ultra-durable blades, a powerful motor, and a reliable battery.

Thanks to its curved design, this clipper is spectacularly ergonomic.


Professional  Modular Clipper with Turbocharged Magnetic Motor (10.000 r.p.m.)

Includes all 3 case colors in the box: Chrome, Gold, and Rose Gold.

The ERGO features the latest in magnetic motor technology with the improved and revolutionary linear magnetic motor.


This turbocharged long-life magnetic motor runs at 10,000 strokes per minute, not only offering the ultimate in speed, power, and longevity but the quietest performance of any professional clipper.



Brand: GAMMA+

Color: Chrome, Gold, and Rose Gold

 Model:   HCGPMECS

UCP:   85239400852



  • Includes 5 magnetic guards (1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"), charging stand, and cleaning/maintenance kit.
  • The fully adjustable zero-gap fade blade can be easily zero-gapped for the closest cut and finish.
  • Click lever taper with 5 detent positions for seamless, consistent blending
  • Lithium-ion battery delivers 120 minutes of run-time with a 105-minute rapid charge
  • Convenient mini screwdriver for blade regulation and custom body modifications¬†


Ergo-gamma+-3- metal-1-clipper


Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper Chrome, Gold, and Rose Gold Color.

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